When you and your partner are married, you enter into more than just a metaphoric promise; you also enter into a judicial one. This means that there is a lot more to the divorce process in Saskatchewan than just making the decision to not be together anymore.

First, you or your partner needs to visit a Saskatchewan courthouse to pick up the divorce documents. From there, you must fill out the documents together – including the allocation of assets and parent arrangement. If you and your partner are filing for divorce, it’s likely that you’re not agreeing on some things already which makes this process a lot tougher.

You can’t even agree on dinner plans, how are you now supposed to divide a house?

Once those decisions are made and the documents are filled out correctly either by you or a professional, they must be filed at the courthouse. They will then be processed, the court will obtain a divorce clearance certificate from the federal government, and you will be issued a Certificate of Divorce.

While the divorce process in Saskatchewan doesn’t sound too complicated, the decisions and conversations that need to be had can be difficult. If you’re already familiar with the mediation process then you’ll know that having open, honest conversations is a major contributor to success. If you’re trying to file for divorce but having troubles I can help. Let’s all have these tough conversations together and map out the best future possible!

Every situation is different. This blog post is not intended to provide legal advice. Contact us for further help on your unique parental dispute.

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